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How to Take a Good Profile Picture for Better Expose
about 1 year ago

Profile pictures have now become immensely important. You must have noticed people taking endless pictures with their camera wherever they go, just to get that one perfect click. But why do they do so, why is a profile picture that important?

The Importance of a Good Profile Picture

A profile picture basically defines you as a person. It is through these pictures that you make your first impression on others online. This is why people put in so much effort and time trying to create a perfect profile picture that looks different and more attractive than others.

Now that you are aware of the importance of profile images for your portfolio, you surely must be keen on knowing how to take a good profile picture. Well, this is exactly what we shall now help you learn through some simple steps given below.

Steps To Take the Perfect Profile Picture.


1. Use a Good Quality Camera


To get a good picture the first thing you need is a good quality camera. Yes, you will opt for profile photo editing later, but if the picture is taken from a bad quality camera then it will be difficult to edit it to get satisfactory results.

 A high-quality camera, on the other hand, produces great images which require little to no editing at all. Also, try to use a tripod to get even better results. This will help in stabilizing the images further, and you will be able to get the best, well lit and crisp pictures.

A good camera also helps avoid the images from getting blurry. Imagine, you are spending so much time in selecting the right spot, the right dress, the right time, and the images turn out blurry. You wouldn’t want that right? So, do use a good camera when taking profile pictures.


2. Correct Lighting and Background is Important


                    Photo Credit:offshoreclippingpath.com

It will be best to try at least a few backgrounds until you find the one that can help you capture the best pictures. The background should not be too crowded, and something calm and serene would look great as the highlight will be more on you and not your surroundings.

The background you select must also be properly lit, and your face should be getting enough light. Who likes a profile picture where they have to zoom in and even then not get to see properly? Make sure you give importance to both the image background and the lighting for great results.


3. Dress your best


Since this is your profile picture that many will see, you need to look your absolute best. For the purpose, you must select the best dress that you can. Do not try to be loud and just make sure the dress complements you really well.

The color of your dress should even go well with the background you have selected. You can also choose some accessories to complete your look.


4. Decide which is your best angle

If you have the habit of clicking selfies then you surely do know that you have at least one particular angle that you look great in. The angle that makes your features look the best is what you also need to select for your profile picture.

In case you do not have much idea, you can request the person who will be clicking the pictures to first take a few images from different angles and find out which is the best one.


5. Show your pearls


No, not the pearls from your jewelry box but those pearls that are hiding behind your lips. Your smile will only add to your beauty, it will make you look more confident. So, make sure you show your pearly whites while getting your profile picture clicked.


6. Decide a pose


Just standing straight or just sitting will not get great results. You need to decide a certain pose that will look good on you and will help to take a perfect picture.

If you are clueless, you can browse the internet and check the various ways models pose and choose the one that not only looks attractive but also you will be comfortable imitating. You can try a few different poses and see which one looks the best.


7. Edit to get the final result


Make sure you take at least a few pictures so that you can later sit and decide which is the one you like the most. Portrait photo editing is then the next step. Use the photo editing software of your choice and edit your pictures to get the perfect end result.

To Conclude –

Yes, taking profile pictures does involve a little effort and planning but it is always worth it. If you follow the steps given above carefully the end result will be such that everyone will not be able to stop praising and you will certainly love the attention.

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